Small and lightweight
32GB memory card included
Loop recording
150-degree angle

Main features

Closely resembling our top choice, Spedal only lost to other dashcams on this list due to its high price tag. But if you are willing to splurge, this device can offer you multiple great features. It has a full HD 2K lens to capture every detail on the road. Though, during dim or low-visibility hours of the day, the quality might drop to 1080p. Spedal also offers night vision and motion detection so that no matter the circumstances, you’ll be able to stay safe. G-sensor detects car movement, so even if you’re stopping somewhere, it would still record whatever put your car into motion. As soon as G-sensor is activated, Spedal will emergency lock, thus protecting the device from turning off and keeping the recording.


Spedal dashboard camera is very light and compact, designed not to block the rear-view mirror or the windshield. It has control buttons both on the bottom of the device and on the screen, though that decreases the recording screen, making it harder to see. The packaging includes the camera, its charger, 32GB SD card, sticker mount, suction mount, cable clips, and a user manual.

Ease of use

Spedal dashcam is easy to install but not very easy to use compared to other devices on this list. But even then, the hardest part about mastering this device is having to thoroughly read the instruction manual. In terms of installation, it’s pretty basic – just attach the suction cup, or a sticker mount to the area on your windshield where you want to place the camera, then attach the dashcam, plug in the power cord, and that’s it!

🚘 Value

While design-wise and in its operation Spedal dashboard camera seems great, it’s hard to justify why it is so pricy. While other devices on this list seem to have a more extensive list of features or even a less complicated use, Spedal lacks some of it yet does not compensate with affordability. So while its quality certainly earned it a place on the best dashcam list, it, unfortunately, had to rank last.