HD Wi-Fi transmission
Night vision
Compact size
Relatively quiet
Can be controlled via app
Speed recording
Parking mode
Supports up to 256GB memory cards

Main features

The second option on our list might be pricier, but in terms of features, the Kingslim dashboard camera is no less worth than our top choice. With impressive 4k resolution, you are guaranteed clear and detailed recordings no matter how fast the situation changes. You can use the Kingslim app to both control the camera and auto-upload the recordings to your phone, though it also has an SD card for when you don’t have your phone nearby. Kingslim will record not only what’s happening on the road but also your GPS location, route, and driving speed, to provide the most detailed evidence in case of an accident. Integrated Sony image sensor will work equally well during the night or low-light as it would during the day. Finally, just like DashSentry, this dash cam also has a parking mode that offers collision and motion detection to automatically record any activity that would occur while you’re not around.


Kingslim is a standard-looking camera, with a relatively wide HD touchscreen on one side and a camera lens on the other. It’s a front-facing camera so you can record what is in front of you. It only comes in black and can be relatively simply attached behind your rear-view mirror. The package includes a camera, GPS module, charger cord, installation tool, and user manual. The battery type is lithium-ion.

Ease of use

If you have an app, it is very simple to control your Kingslim dash cam, but using your phone while driving isn’t safe. However, you always have an alternative to use traditional controls on the device itself and just have your recordings stored on the SD card. You can select several options right on the screen: camera lock so it wouldn’t accidentally press, microphone on/off, parking mode, and video pause. The app offers even more options, among which are GPS and video cropping. So, in general, you shouldn’t have an issue using your Kingslim camera.

🚘 Value

Kingslim is a good front-facing car dash cam, even if it’s not the cheapest. You can tell that the company really tried to include as many handy features as they could, even if the app controls make driving a bit less safe. It offers the same features as our top choice if used without an app, so you can’t go wrong there. Overall, if DashSentry doesn’t quite suit your needs, Kingslim is the best alternative there is.