2K quality
Night vision
Parking mode
Links via the app
140-degree angle
Supports up to 128GB
1-year warranty

Main features

The third option on our list, DDPAI, can be considered a good, yet a bit pricy, option. Like Kingslim, it has app controls that expand on this camera’s features, but the negative feature is that it completely depends on the app. It means that you cannot watch the recording in real-time without the app, for it doesn’t have a screen to display things on, nor does it have any button controls other than on/off. If you are willing to look past that and think that you will have your phone available at all times, then DDPAI can offer you 2k resolution, Wi-Fi GPS tracking, built-in G-sensor, SD card as well as app memory, a full 1-year warranty, and more.


DDPAI is the most compact and least-noticeable dashboard camera on this list, but that was achieved by sacrificing the screen. While it does record well, and you can check it via the app, you would need to use your phone while driving to adjust any settings or to take a glance at the recording. In general, you would just need to trust that this camera is doing its job, with no safe way to check it while driving (unless you have passengers that could mind your phone while you drive). The set includes the dash cam, USB car charger, mounting bracket, 3-meter power cable, and a user manual.

Ease of use

DDPAI dash cam is not difficult to use at all… if you have an app. Otherwise, there is pretty much no way to control this device. However, if you choose to get it, the app will track a wide range of activities in astonishing detail so that no matter how strict your insurance company is, everything from your speed to other cars’ movement will be recorded. So, if you don’t mind the lack of manual controls, you should have no issue setting up this device just the way you like it.

🚘 Value

The fact that this dash cam relies so heavily on the app is its main disadvantage, which can even make the users question whether it’s worth its price. However, if you prefer a slim and compact camera and don’t mind much that your phone would need to be available for you to change controls, then DDPAI might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.