Links via Wi-Fi and app
Full HD recording
Seamless loop
Parking monitoring
SD card included
1-year warranty

Main features

One of the more affordable options on this list is the Azdome M17 dashboard camera. It has a lower video quality than the dash cams that ranked higher but nevertheless offers several great features. Just like most of the others, Azdome also has an app through which you can change several settings, but it also has buttons on it that allow you to control this dash camera the way you would any other. This dashboard camera offers 1080p video quality, seamless loop recording, a built-in G-sensor to detect a collision, even while parked, and a 32GB SD card.


Azdome is a standard-looking dashboard camera with both in-app and manual controls. There are three buttons on one side and four on the other, so you can operate this device even without downloading the app. Because the buttons are on the sides, the whole back of the dash cam is dedicated to the screen, making it easier for you to glance at. The package includes the camera, 3.5m car charger, sticky pad and mount, one electrostatic film, five wiring buckles for a neat installation, and a user manual.

Ease of use

You can either use the app to select your preferred settings or simply use the buttons on the device. Most of them you might not even need to use, but it’s handy to know that you’re in control of everything with just a simple click. You can also emergency lock the camera and select the Advanced Driver Assistance System (though it has limitations and shouldn’t be fully trusted). Overall, with a little read-through of the user manual, you should have no trouble at all operating this device.

🚘 Value

Despite not ranking higher on our list, Azdome M17 still has many tricks up its sleeve that could impress you. With good quality and a relatively decent price tag, it’s an option that is certainly worth considering. You might need to read through the manual carefully to fully understand how it works, but after that, it should all be smooth sailing.